European Union Agency for Railways

European Union Agency for Railways

European Rail Safety Days 2023

Two days Conference focusing on how to nurture a learning railway system. Experts and leaders from railways and other high-risk industries will address safety culture peer reviews, in-depth event investigations, innovative training solutions, and more.

Let’s make European railways safer, together!

Our ESM Research Director Pilar Calvo, will present lesson learned on rail accidents due to HOF (Human and Organisational Factors).

Session 3: Learning from investigations

Chair: Nathalie Duquenne, ERA

  • Greg Morse, RSSB – Does the past still matter? Learning from the Clapham train accident of 1988
  • Pilar Calvo Holgado, ESM – Seven Blind Mice. Lesson learned in Human and Organisational Factors from catastrophic railway accidents
  • Nelson Oliveira, GPIAAF – Investigating to prevent. The role of National Investigation Bodies and their challenges for the improvement of rail safety